BEP54SR LED Retrofit Kit

BEP54SR LED Retrofit Kit

120-277VAC, 14W, 2300 lumen

LED Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kit, UL 1598C, Classified

BEP54SR is a family of LED Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits,  UL 1598C, Classified integrated engines with heatsink included.  No OEM heatsink is required.  Field settable power pin: 7W, 11W or 14W to adjust light levels to meet specific application power or lumen requirements.  Small rectangular shape with integrated driver with 120-277VAC input and 0-10V dimming.  The LEDs are spread out to run cool and provide even illumination in sconces, close-to-ceiling and low-profile luminaires. 

Dimensions: 8.25” X 4.25” X 1.05"

Specification Sheets

PDF icon BEP54SR-02, Rev K, 3.18.19.pdf