120-277VAC, 13W, 1600 lumen

Shallow Mount Engine For Sconce and Close-to-Ceiling Applications

BEP40JR is a family of integrated engines with heatsink included.  No OEM heatsink is required.  The engine is a small rectangular module with driver PS12-350C-DIM (120VAC triac dim) or PS18-350C-UNV-H (120-277VAC non-dim) mounted on top.  The LEDs are spread out to run cool and provide even illumination in sconces, close-to-ceiling and low-profile luminaires.  BB40JR is the prefix part number for the module (only), no driver and 18” wires for remote driver(s).  If other than Permlight driver is used, contact [email protected] for driver warranty and compatibility.

Dimensions: 6" X 4"

Specification Sheets

PDF icon BEP40JR, Rev G, 12.19.16.pdf