Permlight Offers Aggressive Discounted Pricing to Hawaiian Customers to Conserve Energy and Reduce Dependency on Fossil Fuel

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 Honolulu, HI –8/5/2006 = PRNEWSWIRE -Permlight Products announced today that it is working with Hawaiian Electric Company and the State of Hawaii to encourage rapid adoption of LED lighting in hotels, business and residential applications to substantially reduce power consumption.

The State of Hawaii’s electrical power is almost completely generated by oil and with increased barrel pricing and increased military housing in the State both power pricing and capacity are being strained.

The aggressive discount pricing program allows companies to purchase products from Permlight’s online store with a 30% discount for August, September and October of 2006.

“In our recent meeting with hotels, homebuilders, and businesses we saw a way to solve their energy problems by helping these customers move to LED lighting quickly,” commented Stephanie Moon, Permlight Residential Sales Manager.  “Our products consume less power than incandescent and fluorescent and generate less heat so the tropical air conditioning loads can be reduced and further save power.”

Permlight’s Enbryten Down LED recessed can light consumes only 15 Watts and has comparable output to 75 Watt incandescent and 26 Watt fluorescent lighting. 

 “We are excited to see so many people and businesses eager to embrace the future of lighting and solve our energy crisis by using technology available today,” added Manuel Lynch, President and CEO of Permlight Products. “Some hotels have calculated they can save $1500-$2000 a month per floor of their hotels by switching to LEDs – this is a near term energy solution!”

Hawaii also has a very high amount of military housing on the islands.  Since military personnel do not pay their energy bills use of energy consuming air conditioning and lighting are not regulated resulting in a tremendous drain on the Hawaiian electrical systems. Permlight’s energy efficient and low maintenance products can substantially reduce military operating expenses and reduce the drain on the state’s power systems.

Permlight is planning aggressive educational LED lighting programs in the State of Hawaii over the next 12 months and will be conducting monthly seminars to educate potential users of the products on how they can recoup their investment in the technology almost immediately with reduced power and significantly reduced maintenance. 

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 About Permlight Products Inc.

Permlight Products is a leading developer and manufacturer of thermally managed LED lighting systems for Signage (LED channel letters), Residential LED lighting under the ENBRYTEN brand name (including recessed cans, under cabinet, and LED glass pendants), marina applications ( docks/slips), and Theater and Performing Arts Center lighting. Founded in 1995, Permlight has the longest track record of supplying LED lighting systems that provide high brightness, low energy, long lifetime, and low maintenance. Using its enabling patented thermal management techniques for spreading and dissipating heat Permlight is well known for providing low cost solid state lighting systems. Permlight is an affiliate member of the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis which is funded by the California Energy Commission.

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