Company History

1995 - Permlight is founded by Ben George from Tivoli, the same year the white LED was invented by Nichia

1996 - Permlight is granted US Patent 6,082,870 for tread area and edge lighting system

1999 - Permlight is granted US Patent 6,712,486 with the CLAIM: A light emitting diode (LED) module for mounting on a heat conducting surface that is substantially larger than the module.  This is the most prior patent in the industry for thermal management of LED modules and established Permlight as the pioneer for theatre, signs and general lighting.

2004 - Permlight is awarded Chase Bank’s national LED channel letter sign program and continues to be the specified source more than a decade later

2005 - Permlight receives independent magazine award for the first residential LED downlight one year before LLF, who later became part of Cree

2006 - Permlight becomes the LED lighting source for Progress Lighting fixtures and Kim Lighting engines, both Divisions of Hubbell Lighting

2007- Permlight is awarded Chevron national LED blue sign face program

2008 - Permlight sells tooling and fixtures to Progress and forms a separate division to focus on supporting OEM Lighting with LED engines, design, engineering and testing

2009 - Permlight unveils a catalog of custom and off-the-shelf light engines for general lighting, enabling lighting OEMs to change the face of retail illumination with LEDs

2010 - El Plato HO for Signs is introduced at ISA       

2011 - Permlight develops a series of waterproof and corrosion resistant encapsulated LED Light engines for landscape lighting that survives any irrigation system

2012 - Permlight launches two series of constant current drivers with industry-leading triac (incandescent) and ELV dimming for OEM luminaires

2013 - Linearray, integrated LED solution for T12HO sign cabinets is launched at ISA Expo

2013 - x2 Technology for hard-to-reach channel letter sign applications sets a 10 year lifetime bar

2014 - Heat Island Technology – patent pending is launched as Permlight’s newest thermal management technology to improve LED engine performance

2016 - Permlight Technologies acquires Permlight Products

2016 - Permlight Technologies releases architectural 24VDC driver with microprocessor control for smooth, less than 1 percent dimming

2016 - Permlight Technologies launches two series of drivers compatible with the latest COB product technology

2018 - Permlight launches industry first 13W Class 2, UL 8750 Listed, Class P metal case driver with dual dimming (triac/ELV and/or 0-10V).

2018 - Permlight develops the industry's smallest triac dimming cylindrical driver (35x35mm) for landscape and pendant fixtures.

2018 - Permlight releases it's first LED Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kit, UL 1598C, Classified, to replace Terralux SR95, requires no UL testing in applicable fixtures.