About Us

Based in Tustin, California, Permlight Technologies is the second generation embodiment of Permlight Products, which was founded in 1995 and quickly became the market leader for applications of LED technology. Over the years, Permlight has developed an extensive portfolio of patents for the efficient use and thermal management of LED light engines. Today, Permlight Technologies supplies its customers with performance light engines for the most demanding applications.

Intellectual Property

Long before bright white LEDs were developed, Permlight helped guide the industry by inventing and patenting thermal management techniques that form the basis of light engine technology. With these patents and a variety of other advancements, Permlight Technologies now has one of the broadest intellectual property portfolios in the industry.

Environmental Impact

One of the most significant advantages of LED technology is its capacity to help preserve our environment. By creating high efficacy light engines, Permlight Technologies helps LED technology fulfill its potential as an environmentally friendly technology. We recognize that making the right choices today regarding LED technology will have a positive impact on our planet tomorrow.

Two Distinct Markets

Our unwavering commitment to our customers has led Permlight Technologies to create two distinct selling channels, one to serve luminaire manufacturers and the other illuminated sign manufacturers. Both markets share the advantages of Permlight’s Technologies’ light engine technology and benefit from sharing economies of scale.

General Lighting

Our general lighting products serve the needs of luminaire manufacturers by providing turnkey light engines, drivers, module, and thermally engineered solutions. Permlight Technologies’ specialty is collaborating with the design staff of fixture manufacturers to convert legacy approaches into economical, high efficacy LED light engine systems.  For luminaire manufacturers who truly offer specification performance and cannot afford vanilla, generic light engines. Whether you require LED modules, thermal management, optics, drivers, encapsulation or photometric measurements, Permlight Technologies offers its lighting customers a partnership in design and performance.


The products of Permlight Technologies for signage deliver high efficacy, solid state, light engines ideal for replacing outdated neon, fluorescent and HID sources in illuminated signs of all sorts, including channel letters, menu boards, LED panel boards, and even sign cabinets. Permlight Technologies places an emphasis on the complete installation, including uniformly illuminated signs with economical pricing, fewer modules, ease of installation, high power factor, and long life. We have shared our extensive field experience and application knowledge with customers in the sign market to achieve the goal of a total thermally managed system for the ultimate in energy savings and reliability. Customers fully integrated, Forward thinking solutions through collaboration.