Intellectual Property

The following is the portfolio of issued patents owned by Permlight Technologies:

Tread Area and Step Edge Lighting System

US Patent 6,076,936

US Patent 6,082,870

Surface Lighting System

US Patent 6,416,200

Aisle Lighting System

US Patent 6,116,748

Mounting Arrangement for Light Emitting Diodes

US Patent 6,712,486; US Patent 7,114,831; US Patent 7,306,353; US Patent 7,594,740

Modular Mounting Arrangement and Method for LEDs

US Patent 6,578,986; US Patent 6,846,093; US Patent 7,108,396; US Patent 7,387,406

Lighting Apparatus

US Patent 7,329,024

LED Based  Luminaires

US Patent 7,102,172; US Patent 7,582,911; US Patent 7,918,591; US Patent 7,939,837

Power Module for Enabling LED Fixture Control by AC Pulse Width Dimmers

US Patent 7,649,327

Low-profile LED-based Track Lighting

US Patent 7,815,341

Mounting Arrangement & Method for Light Emitting Diode (Heat Mgmt – cont)

US Patent 8,186,850

Lighting Apparatus

US Patent 8,079,731

Mounting Arrangement for Light Emitting Diodes

US Patent 8,702,273 B2

LED Based Light Engine having Thermally Insulated Zones

US Patent 8,926,145 B2

System for Selectively Dimming an LED

US Patent 8,729,810 B2

Light Emitting Apparatus (ThermAdjust and Hi Bay)

US Patent 9,416,925